Sample Friendship Request Messages: What to Write in a Friendship Request Message to a Girl
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Sample Friendship Request Messages: What to Write in a Friendship Request Message to a Girl

Sample Friendship Request Messages: What to write in a friendship request message to a Girl! If you are looking for a good collection of friendship request messages then your search ends here. In this article you will find great samples of friendship request messages which you can send to the girl you want to be with.

So you are looking for the perfect words for friendship request message. Well you have reached the right spot.  Here are some great sample friendship request messages  that you can use to simply win more girlfriends. These collections of friendship request messages are written thoughtfully with the nicest and appreciative words and phrases. Read on to find the perfect friendship request message to send it to the girl or girls  you want to be friends with. 

1 Hi! I think you are (name of the girl), I think you are such a cool person and fun to be with! If you may, I would like to be your friend. Thanks!

2  I have been noticing you for so many days and I really would like to become one of your great friends. Moreover, I think we have lots of things in common.

3 Hi I’m (your name)! I have seen your profile on one of my friend’s Facebook account and recently I have seen you inside our school campus, yes! We are going in the same school. In this regard, I would like to be your friend. I hope my friendship request will be accepted soon. Thanks girl! Looking forward for your companionship.

4 Hi (name of the girl)! I’m (your name) I would like to set a good friendship relationship between you and me. Kindly approve this friendship from one who looks forward to be your great friend.

5 Hi (girl’s name)! This is a friendship request from (your name) someone who longs to be belong in your circle of friends. I think you are fun and cool to be with. 

6 Hello! You are such a pretty girl! Please accept my friendship request. Thank you!

7 Your profile tells me you are such a cool friend! Many of your friends say you are fun to be with! I think we can be friends since we both possess same attitudes. Cheers! 

8 Hi (girl’s name)! I’m (your name). I really would like to be your friend, so please do accept my friendship request which comes from my heart.

Having friends in life is actually one of the most precious things in  life. So why not add more great friends in your life? Go and gain cool friends by sending these collections of friendship request messages for girls.

Hope you enjoyed reading this collection of sample friendship request messages for Girls. So bookmark this page right now and go ahead and increase your friend circle by using these friendship request messages.  

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