How to Make Friends Easily
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How to Make Friends Easily

Your character is what drives people toward you. So for you to have many friends, you need to possess that right characters of a friend. A lot of people do not want those who pretend to be someone else. So when it comes to friendship it would really be best that you consider being true to yourself.

If people don’t like you, then do not force yourself to them. You do not have to pretend just to be in a certain group of people. If you do that, you will definitely not be happy with them. Keep in mind that what’s important is that your friends would accept you as who you are. There are just some things that you can follow in order to have the chance of having a lot of friends. Here are some of these steps.

1          Communicate Well

It is really important that you know how to communicate. You will not have any friends if you are shy and do not want to talk to others. Keep in mind that you need to make the first move if you want to have friends. Trust your instinct, if you think that the person you wanted to approach would be a good friend to you then go for it. You can also try to ask a question to a certain person and if you would feel that everything is alright, then continue to talk to him until you will know his name and eventually you become friends.

2          Participate in Social Activities

It would really be rewarding if you participate in social activities like parties and community events for you will surely meet a lot of friends in these events. This would be a nice opportunity for you to meet other people. There are some teens today that are too shy to attend some social gathering, and this is really not a good practice. You need to go out of your comfort zone and meet other people. Here’s a good tip. When you are in a certain event, do your best to smile and greet most of the people you meet.

3          Show that you are a Good Listener

Most of the people today are looking for a person who knows how to listen. So when someone tries to share their experience, it is really important that you listen well. You need to show the person that you are interested in what he is saying.  It would be a good practice to ask some relevant questions regarding what he is saying so that he will know that you are really listening.

4          Be sensitive on what others need

The best way to win a friend is to be helpful. When you see someone whom you think is in need for help, you need to help him out even though he is not asking for it. Do not wait that a person would ask help from you. If ever you are good at something like a certain subject in class, you can use it to win some friends. Observe some people in your class who are having a hard time in the subject and offer your help to them.  This might be a simple thing to do, but it can surely win you lots of friends.

5          Watch your words

If you have just known your friend, it would really be better if you watch your words. Make sure that you do not offend your friend with your words in any way possible. If it happens, you need to immediately ask for forgiveness. Do not wait for tomorrow to express that you do not intend to hurt his feelings. This can be easy to do if you let go of your pride.

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