How to Have and Keep Friends Forever
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How to Have and Keep Friends Forever

finding who's perfect to be your friend forever and how to make your relationship go strong, here's a list of how to's to win a perfect friend that will suit your personality

Here are simple rules to win friends:

1. Don't care what other people think.

If they don't agree with you, shrug it off. If they don't like you, it's okay. Just accept that not everyone's going to like you. Don't care about it.

2. Promises are meant to be broken.

Sometimes cool people will tell you that they like, you over expect that people will treat you the way they said it, you are wrong. Don' rely on their promises. What's more, never put your life on hold for anybody. Keep your life busy.

3. Don't be afraid of people.

When you happen to meet a new classmate in school, you often wonder if he could be your friend or not. To wait for chances, you don't make the first "hello" until he says so. Until the next days, you hear nothing from him and you feel that he's so snob he doesn't want to be approached. That's what you think. What if he thinks the same way about you? Hence, the waiting will go on forever. You don't know what he's thinking all the time. Why not take the initiative to greet him. Yopu won't lose any part of your body if you do that. Start an acquaintance. People may seem very cool outside, but on the inside they are just shy as you. Now, there's nothing to be scared about.

4. Response is not always required

When parents and teachers ask you certain questions, you shall respond in due respect. But on the other people like friends and classmates, you have the option to reply or not. They may senseless things as "why do you dress that way?" or "why do you like that person?" You don't have to spend your time explaining why like this or like that because it is something personal and for you to protect yourself. If you are doing something that doesn't affect anyone, that's just fine. If you answer even the dumbest question, people may not respect you and will treat you like a doormat that can be stepped onto whenever they want to.

5. More talk, more mistake; less talk, less mistake.

You should know when to keep your mouth shut. People who always complain are like tin cans with no stuff in it. They are too noisy. Hence, those who hear them, hate them. Do you know what timing means? Just say the right things at the right moment.

6. Keep cool.

Sometimes, friend, classmates, brothers and sisters have fun of teasing each other. If you get criticized, you don't have to get easily irritated. Most often, they are just testing what your reaction will be. It's either you ignore them or just ride on.

7. Know when to give compliments.

Compliments are sincere praises and appreciation you give to other people. If you often hear compliments like, "you did great in the class", "you look wonderful tonight" Isn't that heart pounding and self-booming? If that's what you feel about compliments, and so are other people. Compliments make you and other people feel good. They become encouragements.

8. Don't degrade yourself.

When you degrade yourself, you are making your self-esteem poor. People who degrade themselves don't recognize their assets. They look for their liabilities. They think that they are not good enough for anything. Do you think that other people wil pity you for acting that way? Or do you sense that if you criticize yourself, you are acting humbly? Absolutely no, in opposite, you are irritating them. And they wil hate you for hating yourself. No one will like you anyway.

9. Don't be a faultfinder.

If you always look for faults in other people, you may act like a perfectionist. A perfectionist sees nothing good in his fellow. For him, a single mistake is a mortal sin. If you always find faults, you may never see the good side of another person because his personality for you is covered with mud. What if we turn it the other way?  What if all the people around you are faultfinders? Perhaps, no one will like you too.

10. Learn to forgive.

Making people feel guilty for their mistakes makes you miserable, not them. Resentment should not reside in you. If you refuse to forgive people, you are ruining your whole system. Why? As you keep pondering their mistakes and feeling guilty about them all the time, hatred follows. Learn to forgive now and release the grudge in your heart. If God forgives, why can't you?

11. Liars go to hell.

If you keep telling a false story just to impres, that's one form of lying. If you conceal your true personality, just to be accepeted, that's also form of lying Why not accept who you are? Why not tell your friends your real situation in life? Why pretend what you are not? Do you think you will please them for all the lying you do? You will displeased them instead. Be truthful and be honest.

That's how true people attracts friends.

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