How to Break a Friendship the Best Way Possible
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How to Break a Friendship the Best Way Possible

Some friendships come and go, as they were never really meant to be, or have served their purpose. Others are unhealthy and need a nudge to help them disappear, so that more time can be spent enjoying genuine friendships with others instead. Knowing how to successfully break a friendship, which is negative for you, can help you move on.

The most suitable way to end a friendship depends entirely upon the situation at hand. If you no longer want to be friends with someone because they have hurt your feelings once too often, this is different to wanting to break friends with a person whom you have nothing in common with. However, there is never an easy way to end a friendship, as hurt, humiliation, embarrassment and other negative emotions could be involved.

How to break a friendship with someone whom you have nothing in common with

Sometimes its nobodies fault, but you can find you have a friend you have nothing in common with who bores you silly. You may find their company almost painful, as time goes so slow, but you do not want to hurt their feelings, and so do not know how to get out of the relationship.

The kindest way to dissolve a friendship that is going nowhere is gradually. Gently let go of the relationship by seeing the individual less and less. Telling them they are boring would be rude and hurtful, and it is not necessary to be cruel. Besides, you never know, you may secretly bore them to tears also!

How to break a friendship with someone who disrespects you

Not all friends are of the highest quality. If you are friends with someone who puts you down, makes consistent hurtful remarks or demeans you regularly in some other way it will probably do your self-esteem good to break free from them.

The easiest way to demolish this kind of friendship is to be unavailable when they want to make arrangements with you. Be busy, or at least say you are, when they call, and they will soon get the message.

How to break a friendship with someone who has wronged you

If a friend has treated you badly and this is an unusual occurrence, first take into consideration why they may have acted this way. Could it be that they are under stress and have behaved out of character, and if so deserve a second chance? If not, and you know you are better off without them there is no point having a heart to heart with them, but it is worth telling them you do not find your friendship strong enough to continue anymore.

You may want to confront them about an issue, and if this is important for your self-esteem do so. However, do not make a huge deal out of the matter unless it will do some good. Instead, tell them calmly and directly that you do not wish to spend time with them anymore.

True friendships are to be treasured and held dear. Your real friends will support you in times of crisis, and celebrate with you in times of joy. Friendships, which are weak, virtually non-existent, or just painful, take up time when you could be nurturing ones that are more positive.

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Comments (1)

Your last 3 lined paragraph said it all for me, well done. I could really relate to this post as I have had friends that had alterior motives and simply back stabbers as well as two faced ones. The real friends are ones you treasure through thick and thin and it does not matter if you see them regularly or half yearly or years down the track the bond is as strong as ever, even if they bore you at times no one is perfect. Well done Bridget I like your work.