How to Become a Good Friend
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How to Become a Good Friend

Being a good friend is very important so that you will not easily lose one. It is definitely hard to win a good friend, but easy to lose. If you want lasting friendship, you need to make sure that you know how to be a good friend. Do not pretend. You just need to show that you are reliable.

Keep in mind that a true friend is priceless. You could not buy a true friend with money. You need to do some effort to have one. Here are some tips on how you are going to become a good friend to anyone.

1          Be true to everyone

If you want to be a good friend, you need to be true in dealing with them. Do not pretend that you are someone else just to be a friend to anyone. Keep in mind that it is better for people to dislike who you really are than being loved by being someone whom you are not. A true friend will accept you as who you are so there is no need to pretend. A lot of people would appreciate people who are true when it comes to friendship. Bear in mind that friendship is also withstanding the differences of others in different ways like opinion and even looks.

2          Be honest at all times

A person who is dishonest will find it hard to win a friend. So if you want to be a good friend to anyone, then you need to be honest. You have to prove that you are dependable. When your friend would ask you if you can do something for him and you replied with a yes. Do your best to keep your words. As much as possible, you have to make sure that you fulfill anything that you promise to a friend. If they would figure out that you keep on making promises, but you do not fulfill them, they will not anymore trust you and slowly you will lose your friends.  

3          Be loyal to your friend

The most important thing that you need to know is how to keep a secret. There will always come a time that your friend will share some confidential information that is only mentioned to you for your friend trusted you so much. In return you have to keep that secret no matter what happen. Do not spread it or tell it to anyone or else that would be the end of your friendship. You should not say anything bad about your friend if he is not around. When someone tells something bad about your friend, you need to defend him. You have to make sure that you hear the other side of the story first before you make any comment. Since you know your friend more, surely you have the capacity to depend him against any bad rumors.  

4          Be respectful to your friend

It would really be important that you know how to respect your friend. Surely, you will have some friends that have some practices and beliefs that is not the same as yours. You need to respect that difference. Instead of mocking others’ belief, you need to make it as an opportunity to learn. Also, it is a sign of respect if you listen to what your friend is saying even if you find it boring. There are really times that you do not want to listen to what your friend is talking, but since you are a friend you still need to show interest.  

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