How Do You Know if Your Friend is Your True Friend
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How Do You Know if Your Friend is Your True Friend

A true friend needs more capacities than someone to have fun with and to alleviate your loneliness. It is often when you are in trouble that you discover who your true friends are and it is also essential you show how important your true friend is for you.

Everyone needs a friend because you don’t want to feel lonely and a friend can help you in good and bad times. You make friends from childhood but you still don’t know if they are true friends. A true friend needs more capacities than someone to have fun with and to alleviate your loneliness. It is often when you are in trouble that you discover who your true friends are and it is also essential you show how important your true friend is for you.

Here are some signs how you know if your friend is a true friend:

*Always honest

Honesty is essential to keep every relationship alive. A true friend is valuable in everyone’s life and he/she can only be your true friend if he/she tells always the truth. It may be hard in some circumstances but lying can destroy your friendship. It is essential your friend tells the correct information and never misrepresent some facts. It may happen your spouse was talking to someone of the opposite sex and your friend says to you “your spouse is cheating”. A true friend will never say such things because fidelity is the most important quality between spouses.

*Always there for you

There are always periods in your life when you have problems or you experience difficulties. A true friend is always there for you and listens to your problems and gives you advice. It may not also be possible to offer a solution for your problem but the fact your friend made time to listen is a sign he/she cares for you. Your friend is not a true friend if he/she can never make time for you if you are in trouble. You also need to be reasonable and accept that your friend has also other obligations and it may happen he/she can’t listen immediately to your problems. A true friend will always listen, sometimes with some delay but a true friend is always there for you.

*Always trustworthy

A true friend will always keep confidential information between you and your friend. He/she will never tell these facts to someone else, even not to his/her spouse or other friends. Trustworthiness is an important quality to keep a friendship alive and a true friend will never break this rule. It is essential for a lasting bond of true friendship.

*Always respectful

A true friend will always respect your opinion. People have different opinions and it is not different between you and your friend. A true friend will always respect your opinion, no matter if he agrees or not. Your friend may disagree but never state that he/she is correct. Respect is a necessity for a lasting friendship, even if your friend has another point of view of certain facts.

*Always forgiving and understanding

There are periods in every relationship when you have to deal with conflicts. It is possible some problems arise between you and your friend. Your true friend will always be forgiving and understanding, even it wasn’t his/her fault. We are all different people and we all make mistakes. A true friend is always forgiving and understanding because he/she doesn’t want to take the risk to lose his/her best friend.

If you discover all these signs in the qualities of your friend, he/she may be called a true friend. A true friend is valuable in everybody’s life and will contribute to your happiness. There is either a commitment between both of you to have a lasting true friendship. It may be important to remember the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson “The only way to have a friend is to be one” and Len Wein “A true friend is someone who is there for you when he’d rather be anywhere else. These two wise sayings are applicable to all true friends and necessary to call you and your friend “true friends”.

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Comments (15)

Hey Erik I liked your article a lot . Really true "The only way to have a friend is to be one" what a beautiful phrase which says it all !

Thank you Ruby, you are a true friend

Thanks for sharing this article. A true friend is priceless and always stands out when all gone out.

I agree and your words "a true friend is priceless" reflects correct how important a true friend is.

I love your post! This is the best article I've read so far today. A lot of people would write about romantic love, but how about love in friendship? You've cited a lot of great points here. You did a wonderful job! I voted it up! :)

So much truth in your article, all the above steps were so true. A person just knows without a shadow of doubt when you've found that one true friend. A person is so blessed to have many. This also tells what kind of person you are also. You also have to be that true friend back. They are blessed to have you also. Blessings are wonderful aren't they! Voted you up

You're so right! I agree with you!

Great job. I agree with you on all points.

this is an excellent article Erik. The only way to keep your true friends is to be a true friend also.

Excellent and true piece. Unfortunately it is at some hard moments that you might find out who aren't your friends.

Thanks for the positive comments

Good job!

"Finding nice persons in this big and complicated world is truly a magical thing! But for me, finding a friend is not only's a blessing." Thanks for sharing.

You are right; having a true friend is really wonderful and makes our lives happier.

jennifer martinez

i had a friend that i had she was my best friend but in 4th grade we moved to a diffrent school i talk to her in the phone but one day i trie calling her but she never anwer it has beeen like 3 years for me that i have not seen her i or herd about her i wounder if she is ok or bad but to be in my write said i hope she is ok i miss her somuch my only dream is to find her she was like my sister no matter what she will always be my best friend dairys i hope one day ill see you or you read thies yes leting you know i love you with all my heart like a best friend has to love her friend i hope thies never happen to one of yall hope for the best dairys i hope i see you one day in the future remamber a true friend is always their for you enywhere you are im seeing you in my heart hope every thing goes find whith your friendship and every wheere you are i hope that you dairys are saing the same thing about me because i will always be their for you i will get hert because that is whay you are my friend for i will always miss you.