Gift Ideas for Friendship Day
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Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

When is Friendship Day in 2012? Many thousands of people are searching internet with this question while the others who have read the answer are searching frantically for the gift ideas for the special day. For the celebration of Friendship Day on 5th August, 2012. Friendship is the best gift a person can have in a lifetime, so it must be kept in very safe hands.

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Gift Ideas for Friendship Day

The very first Sunday of the month of August is celebrated as Friendship Day all across the globe with great fervour, especially among the teens of every nation. This year the event is arriving on 5th August, 2012. Usually teenage is the age when the bonds of friendship is determined and they turn out to be very strong in many a cases. There are numerous mythological legends that are related to Friendship day and is valued from the beginning of the world of civilisation.

Upon the recent survey and study, keeping in mind the value of Friendship Day, it is found out that internet searches over the topic of Friendship Day is the highest among Indians out of all other nationalities. Apart from it there is also the celebration of Rakshabandhan in India side by side. Moreover, the fever of Friendship Day is all over the region of India, as being an Indian I can witness the magic in markets, amazement and excitement everywhere, crowd at shops of teenagers who are curiously searching for new gifts to be gifted on the day.

So to ease the confusion and the excitement of what to gift to your favourite buddy or mate, there are the tips that might help you in choosing the best suited as per the personality:

1-      Flowers:-Officially all over the world Yellow Flowers are chosen to represent the colour and the modesty of friendship. There is an extensive high level sale of flowers even this year and the shopkeepers are already making a good livelihood from the celebrations as they are receiving more and more customers demanding for trendy look yellow flowers.

2-      Bracelets:- The fad of gifting trending bracelets is also quite high in the market. As it is easy to choose one from a large variety which even suits your budget and is sophisticatedly nice too.

3-      Coffee Mugs:- Another amazing gift item to be presented on the day is to order for special friendship coffee mugs that are imprinted with your best photograph with your buddy and make it a memorable moment every time they would sip coffee.

4-      Cards:- Creative and alluring Friendship Day Cards are overflowing the shops with outstanding wordings and Friendship day quotes that will fill your heart and mind with its amazing real sense.

5-      You can prepare an album containing all your memories with the friends which will rejuvenate a sense and notion in the friendship and will be a heart touching gift.

6-      Even if one of your friend is annoyed with you and that you have not talked to them since a long time, do not hesitate to call them and make them realize their importance.

7-      You can also plan a hang out which is best suited for the day all day along with your friends to enjoy the day to the fullest with the ones who possess an important place in your life.

8-      If you are a busy person with very limited time, at least you must be eating at some point of the day. Take this time out to invite your friends to grab a meal together and spend some quality time.

Remember that friends are those precious angels sent by God into your life which have the potential to change the phase of your life and the way you live. Friends are those who are very well aware of the height of your craziness and still they like to be with you. Surely everyone has some experience of a bad activity of a friend, which includes gossiping in many cases, but still everyone out has one such friend who has the guts to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of friends and have given proof of their worth. I don’t know much about other nations but in India many fables of friendship are known and even today in a section of newspaper you can easily find one such heroic story. I’m proud of my friends who can stand against the whole world for me even without me saying a word. Happy Friendship Day to you all. May God fulfil all your desires. The dearest buddies Manjot Singh, Harkunwar Singh, Tanvi Jain and Arushi Goel have shown me the worth of life taught me the meaning of friends. Find time and worth of your friends.

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