Breaking the Uncomfortable Silence
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Breaking the Uncomfortable Silence

When caught in an awkward situation, it doesn't matter what you say to restart the conversation, as long as you come up with it fast.

How often does it happen that you have to lapse into awkward mode and hope that time fast forwards? I wasn't even the social type, but I know I did suffer through a lot of those in my time. And I'm not even old yet!

It happens to everyone. For when there is nothing more to say, or you suddenly encountered an embarrassing end of the conversation, you tend to withdraw yourself into a corner. This just proves to show that uncomfortable silence is really a part of life. Apparently, a not so appealing part.

Uncomfortable silence is not always the awkward silence which happens when you unintentionally got tangled "intimately" with a friend—perhaps even a non-friend. It also takes place when a sad part of the story is breached; like when you accidentally mentioned that your friend's dead dog is dead. It is obvious, and there's nothing wrong about it, but somehow your friend is still deeply attached that he or she has to flinch a little.

Awkward silences are not always petty. Some times they do convey a strong meaning. Partaking on one end of the muted sides can mean that you know how to symphatize, you are sensible, and bottom line, a caring person. But other times it may convey an anti-social behaviour; specially when the other end had rebooted his tongue, but you're still dumbfounded.

Most people tell that it is the way you speak that defines your character. I guess what they forget to tell you is that what's left unspoken also defines who you are. These may be the things you'd rather not say because you know it's not right, or you know when it's not in your place to comment on. Having said that, awkward silences are not such a bad thing. While there is an ugly side to it, there's also a gain.

The real question, however, is how to break free from an uncomfortable silence. Do you speak first? Do you wait for your friend to speak first? Do you speak together, then do a cut, and offer to let them go first? To break the unncomfortable stance between you, you have to decide between these three questions. One of three will certainly bring you to a resolve. Anything other than these options can be damaging. For instance, assuming the silence will not end and simply leaving can be a potential start of a fight. Or other things. Nothing of which will result to something pretty.

When caught in an awkward situation, it doesn't matter what you say to restart the conversation, as long as you come up with it fast. But just between you and me, I'll just leave this article hanging on an awkward pause… 

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