Bi-Polar Disorder
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Bi-Polar Disorder

Living with the bi-polar disorder is not fun. Whether you have it, or know someone who does you will need all the help and support you can get. This is an article which describes the symptoms and treatment of bi-polar disorder. This article offers information and explanations of symptoms for those coping with the condition. Bi-polar disorder is also called manic depressive disorder.

It is a condition that controls the thoughts and minds of the people who have it. For no apparent reason people with the disorder can become very irritated. They tend to be moody, going from perfectly happy to irate or very sad in a matter of seconds. Other symptoms of bi-polar disorder include depressive thoughts. The person who suffers from the disorder may feel like there is no hope, no fun, and satisfaction in their life at all.

The bi-polar condition is known for serious symptoms of depression. Bi-polar people either tend to want to sleep, or can not sleep. When you try to wake them they are often hostile. They want to be left alone and do not want to wake to face their day. A bi-polar person generally has an unhappy, negative outlook on life itself. The symptom of wanting to sleep can rapidly change to insomnia, and then a few days later the person may want to sleep a lot again.

The bi-polar person is back and forth, back and forth. There just is no stopping in the middle. It’s black or it’s white. It’s right or it’s wrong. The bi-polar condition makes the person act and think in extremes. They may become very happy very quickly then change to very mad almost instantly for the smallest, slightest reason. Bi-polar people tend to worry about things that are not in their control. They may become overly worried, to the point of paranoia. Bi-polar people tend to be very jealous spouses, so be careful.

When a bi-polar person gets into a rage there is no talking to them logically. Often times the bi-polar person will not remember what has been said or done during one of their rages. The bi-polar disorder can be diagnosed by a doctor. Talk to your doctor is you or your loved one have any of the above, or following symptoms. Mood swings, sudden anger, feelings of depression, wanting to sleep more than needed, insomnia, paranoia, or feelings of hopelessness.

Your doctor can prescribe a medication that will help you or your loved one get their bi-polar symptoms under control. When taken properly the medication helps the bi-polar person think and function as if they were not bi-polar. No more mood swings, no more feeling down or having sleep problems. You or your loved one can enjoy life and family again. Fortunately, there is a medication ifor the treatment of bi-polar disorder.

One thing that should be known about the medication, however, is that it is taken to control the symptoms of bi-polar disorder. It does not cure the condition. If the medication is not taken the symptoms of bi-polar come back. They come back stronger. They only get worse until the medication is taken again. Make sure you, or your loved one, takes their medication each day, as directed by their doctor.

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